Loss Prevention and Safety Resources

We offer tailored risk management solutions to maximize profits, reduce expenses and minimize your exposure to a loss. For those customers that do not require a custom solution, we offer a variety of risk resources like OSHA alerts and posters, CDC guidance for schools, fire protection tools, and fleet safety education. Explore below!

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Additional Risk Services


Berkley Southwest presents industry-specific Loss Prevention and Safety Resources designed to address the unique challenges your business faces. Our team delivers customized consultations, guiding you through identifying vulnerabilities and implementing effective preventive measures. Explore how our tailored risk management solutions can support your specific needs, ensuring a safer, more prosperous future for your business.


  • Construction Site Consultation
  • Construction Equipment Hazards
  • OSHA 10 Hour Construction Outreach Training

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Manufacturing and Wholesale

  • On-Site Consultation
  • Thermal Scans
  • Shared Job Studies 
  • Formalize your safety efforts, including documenting your efforts

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Concrete and Concrete Products

Metal Manufacturing

Wood Products Industry


  • An evaluation of your Loss Prevention Programs or Safety Programs
  • Periodic summaries of claims activities with an analysis of causes, as needed or requested
  • CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienists)

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  • Determine which industry consensus safety standards or best practices may apply to your operations
  • Determine what resources are available to help prevent losses

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Building Cleaning and Maintenance

Landscaping/Tree Service

Industry Specific Resources


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